Most Expensive Foods

Top 7 Most Expensive Foods in the World

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The notion of luxurious food is no more something new and foreign. Modern society has already used to the fact that not only restaurant cuisine but also homemade cuisine can be elegant, luxurious, and expensive. Rare ingredients are no more so rare. Modern department stores, organic groceries, and farmer’s markets have a plenty of simple and exotic products. To prepare something really interesting, you don’t have to go to the other part of the world. Everything you need is a concrete budget, a desire to cook, and a recipe to follow.

Or, as the alternative, you can go to the nearest restaurant to check what kind of dishes are the most expensive for now. It may sound strange, but there is a trend for certain menu, ingredients, and drinks in a concrete season or year as there is a trend for certain pieces of clothes in fashion.

In this article, we’re going to understand what restaurant menu is considered to be trendy now and what the most expensive foods in the world are.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

The List of World’s Most Expensive Foods

  • Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. This soup, served in one of the London’s restaurants, is interesting not only for the name but also for the ingredients and price. The main ingredient is the shark fin with noodles and sea snails.
  • Homestead Stake. The dish is served in New York city and includes Kobe strip steak as the central ingredient.
  • Decadence D’Or Cupcake. It is one of the most expensive desserts in the world, containing Palmira Single Estate Chocolate and Tahitian Gold Vanilla Caviar. For now, you can enjoy this expensive pastry in Las Vegas only.
  • Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata. What is it? It is an omelet packed with numerous expensive ingredients like lobster, chives, heavy cream, and American Sturgeon Caviar.
  • Sanguine Dari Khazana Curry. But not a simple curry. The ingredients of this recipe are mind-blowing: Devon crab, blue Ghia caviar, gold coated Scottish lobster, white truffles, and sea snails.
  • Gold Phoenix Cupcake. This dessert will make your mouth water. It has Ugandan vanilla beans, Italian chocolate, and gold dipped strawberries. If you are looking for a unique high-end dessert, this is definitely it. Gold Phoenix Cupcakes will blow you away.
  • And the last but not the least is a salad. The Florette Sea and Earth Salad may seem to be too simple to be included in our list, but it only feels like this. So what makes this salad so pricey? The ingredients are beluga caviar, Cornish crab, lobster, Florette Baby Leaves, truffle potatoes, gold leaf, and a 30-years old balsamic vinegar.

And what is your favorite dish from the list mentioned above? What would you like to taste?